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Our clients

Klara Medical Centre in Czestochowa via a network of over 20 clinics offers complex services including: diagnostics, one day surgery and rehabilitation.

Medicus in Opole provides outpatient medical services such as: basic and specialist healthcare, rehabilitation and diagnostic imaging.

Dr Szczyt Plastic Surgery Clinic is a fast growing centre. It’s one of the most technologically advanced clinics in Poland. It prides in highest standards of safety and full synergy of latest achievements in medicine and technology.

Nutricare is an experienced Centre for Dietary Treatment. It offers individual, day and night home care based on a dietary plan created by specialists, including balanced dietary supplements.

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The “Doctor Eleks” Comprehensive Medical Information System

Implementation of the “Doctor ELEKS” Medical Information System guarantees effective medical

institution management, increases the quality of medical services, and significantly facilitates

the staff’s work.